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Illuminating 68 Grand Street

Through the Illuminate 68 project, we hope to give the South End the boost/shot in the arm it needs to see its full potential as a thriving and very diverse neighborhood. We are uniquely equipped to help meet the needs of the South End because of our central historic and very visible location in the neighborhood. We are located at the Eastern gateway to the City and have the ability to contact and meet with residents from all walks of life.


Our building is key to revitalizing the entire neighborhood. Through Illuminate68 we believe with fully functioning windows, standard ventilation capabilities, sufficient and zoned heating capacity, adequate disability access, fans and insulation upgrades, and sufficient sinks and toilets, the former St. Anthony’s Church could become the community commons that has always been the goal of Grand Street Community Arts.


The target population is primarily the South End neighborhoods, but our services reach a diverse population of young people and adults from many neighborhoods in Albany. Community members in the City of Albany need a safe place for their children to be after school and on the weekends, a place to engage each other, a place to contact service providers and government contacts, a place to play chess, a place to engage in artistic expression, a place to learn how to create radio shows and podcasts, a place to get career support in artistic and other endeavors. People in the neighborhood - people in our community are looking for change, positive change and we are here to provide it. We believe the this project will bring opportunity and hope to our community.

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