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About Us

The Bee the Change Youth Enrichment Program

is designed to inspire and empower youth to be anything everything they want to be. Bee the Change serves youth ages 5-18 years of age through school aged and teen programs in Albany, NY.

Our Vision

The Vision of the Bee The Change Enrichment Program is that every child has the opportunity to achieve their dream through positive and enriching programs and activities.


Through Bee the Change, we offer programming around Academic Enrichment, Life Skills, Creative Entrepreneurship, and College Readiness. Each programming area will be provided by a community volunteer, teacher, or school staff member. Here is a link to a sample schedule for programming that your scholar will take part in after school.


Build Relationships - We believe that a positive relationship with an adult can change the lives of youth. We are committed to building positive, impactful relationships that empower and inspire our children. 

Build, Inspire, and Empower Youth - Through our programming, we will inspire and empower our children to be any and everything they want to be. 

Build our youth for the Future - Our program will expose our children to opportunities that build them up for the future to be a positive change in their communities.


83% of Youth Served live in Poverty or Underserved Communities

25 Youth Enrolled

90% Attendance Rate

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