The Pledge




Why Handmade?

Better gifts - Give something one-of-a-kind & meaningful, with handmade quality and craftsmanship that can be seen and felt.

Feel better - Support a local artists and crafters directly. Re-connect to the human side of gifts and giving

Better for the environment - Large scale production brings toxic polution to the earth and even your home (think recent lead paint toy mess) .... support small-scale and independent producers; it's better for the earth & safe for your home.

More on buying handmade here:

67. Anne Mossop, Albany
66. Alison Bates, Troy
  quality, honesty, and a connection to your space!
65. MC3 / adjmagazine, ALBANY
  the fiat currency wont last much longer,
64. Holly Katz, Albany
  helps local artists and artisans
63. Deb Cavanaugh, Albany
62. Charlene Therrien, Castleton
  I am making or buying handmade about 75% of my gifts this year! I know they will love that I did. And it's satisfying and fun.
61. amy neumann, oneida
  Handmade is the best, support your stay at home crafty moms and dads!!!
60. Jen Barkan, Albany
59. Stacy Pettigrew, Albany
58. Lainy Slyder, Albany
  Because giving handmade is giving love!
57. Nadine Medina, Troy
  Because we can make a powerful and positive change.
56. Karissa Millard, Waterford
  Why not?
55. samantha cotterill, niskayuna, ny
  there's a wonderful connection to the hands that made it
54. Marilyn Bellafiore, Delmar
53. ali herrmann, canaan
  honest, genuine, handmade work!
52. petra jancovicova, albany
  it's the only way to go!!! fuel your local economy!
51. HelenMary DeSimone, Athens NY.
50. Rana Morris, albany
49. Maureen Murphy, Albany
  It's made with love
48. Brianda Hunt, Sidney
  Support local artists and small businesses.
47. Amy Z, Mechanicville
  Nothing is better than a one-of-a-kind original..and if you buy local, you know it's made in the USA!
46. Nicole LaFayette, Saratoga Springs
  30 Beekman St. Saratoga Springs (Supports local artist)
45. Sarah Zar, Troy
  Handmade gifts remind us that we can help create a more beautiful world.
44. Zhenelle Falk, Troy, NY
  Because how I spend my money means something.
43. Kiara Marra, Rensselaer
  because handmade gifts are the best, of course!
42. Jen Stelling, Cohoes
  Because handmade is beautiful!
41. Leah Penniman, Albany, NY
40. Melissa Marceau, Albany
  Made with spirit, creativity and love, love, love
39. felicia delaney, albany
  local economies support strong communities
38. Ken Satterlee, Schenectady
  Level of Humanity
37. Mara Afzali, Albany
  Quality Is a good thing...and you can support a real person!
36. Laura Koennecke, Albany
35. Vincent Tocco, Schenectady
  Support Local Existing Artists
34. Jonathan Draper, Albany
  Support the Arts
33. dina ziskin-fortune, saratoga springs
  handmade is from the heart.
32. Melissa Wasilewski, Albany, NY
  The process of making and browsing is less stressful than hunting and malling. And, I feel less guilty about price when I recieve handmade.
31. Heather White, Accord
  everything you give will have a little bit of love put into its making. <3
30. Erin Shannon, Petersburgh
  it's handy!
29. paul holloway, schenectady
  how else can i show what i do?
28. Elizabeth Carivan, Albany
27. Drea Mitchell, Castleton
26. Nancy Ost, Albany
25. Bhawin Suchak, Albany, NY
  because handmade looks, feels, and smells better and you know where your $$ is going
24. Kathy Manley, Cropseyville
23. Laura Koennecke, Albany
22. Casandra Tanenbaum, Lake Worth, FL
  Handmade gifts warm the heart and support the artists in any community!
21. Megan Schmidt Root, Albany
20. Amelia Garretson-Persans, Albany
  Pretty soon there won't be any paper money left- we'll have to barter for food?
19. karin maag-tanchak, Albany
  because handmade gifts have soul
18. jennifa myers, Albany
  Its more personal and always the best to recieve.
17. Ali Herrmann, Albany
  Need I explain that you get unique, handmade, one of kind treasures that make your friends admire you even more?!? Oh, wait...because you like supporting local talent, buying art, and one on one interactions with the creator of your purchase
16. connie Frisbee Houde, Albany
  supporting real people making things from their hearts
15. Jacinta Bunnell, Albany
14. Devon Whitney, Albany
13. Dee Tilotta, Albany
  Buy from indie artists where the only thing mass-produced is creativity!
12. Leah Walsh, Albany
  give more personal gifts and support artists
11. Kirsten Ott, Albany
  It just makes sense!
10. Jill) Castle, Albany
  Because no one else will have exactly the same thing (made with love!)
9. Jill Draper, Albany
  B/c it's better to support artists than sweatshops & box stores
8. Emily Betti, Albany
  give HANDmade and support the flow of creative energy!
7. Victoria van der Laan, Albany
6. Jeff Root, Albany
5. Lauren Jacobs, Albany
4. Rebecca Schoonmaker, Albany
  Give the gift of ART!
3. Rachel Wrightson Naylor, Troy 
  keep it TightKnit!
2. Elizabeth Young, Troy
  Support our local artists and small local businesses!  
1. Jamie Felitte, Albany
  support your neighbors!




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