Grand Street Community Arts presents: the giveHANDMADE! CRAFTSTRAVAGANZA, handmade gifts created by local d.i.y. makers: crafters, stichers, & artists at select locations in Albany and Troy, New York.

The CRAFTSTRAVAGANZA takes place the first two weekends of December, 2008:

Weekend 1 - TROY, NY

Weekend 2 - ALBANY, NY

  • Saturday 12/13, featured event of WinterwonderLARK, Trinity Church, 235 Lark St.(time noon to 5pm).
  • Sunday 12/14, Trinity Church, 235 Lark St.(time noon to 5pm).

questions? or 518.396.5401


Amy Neumann

Amanda Robertson

Victoria Van Der Laan

Leah Walsh

Brigette Zacharczenko

Call to makers/crafters/artists
HEY Hudson Valley Makers... sorry we are no longer accepting applications for the 1st annual Cap City Craftstravaganza?

Please come check out the show and stop by to say hi. Want us to notify you when we are accepting applications for next year? email:



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15. Jacinta Bunnell, Albany
14. Devon Whitney, Albany
13. Dee Tilotta, Albany
  Buy from indie artists where the only thing mass-produced is creativity!
12. Leah Walsh, Albany
  give more personal gifts and support artists
11. Kirsten Ott, Albany
  It just makes sense!
10. Jill) Castle, Albany
  Because no one else will have exactly the same thing (made with love!)
9. Jill Draper, Albany
  B/c it's better to support artists than sweatshops & box stores
8. Emily Betti, Albany
  give HANDmade and support the flow of creative energy!
7. Victoria van der Laan, Albany
6. Jeff Root, Albany
5. Lauren Jacobs, Albany
4. Rebecca Schoonmaker , Albany
  Give the gift of ART!
3. Rachel Wrightson Naylor, Troy 
  keep it TightKnit!
2. Elizabeth Young, Albany
  Support our local artists and small local businesses!  
1. Jamie Felitte, Albany
  support your neighbors!

Why Handmade?

Better gifts - Give something one-of-a-kind & meaningful, with handmade quality and craftsmanship that can be seen and felt.

Feel better - Support a local artists and crafters directly. Re-connect to the human side of gifts and giving

Better for the environment - Large scale production brings toxic polution to the earth and even your home (think recent lead paint toy mess) .... support small-scale and independent producers; it's better for the earth & safe for your home.

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Our area friends

Our etsy friends
If you don't already know Etsy is an online marketplace for buying & selling all things handmade. Take a look at GSCA's giveHANDMADE! complete list of etsy friends:

Below is a sample of just a few of our etsy friends:

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